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Do you or someone you know need to ask a question about drugs and you don't know where to go? Are you or is someone else in your life using drugs or alcohol too much or too often?

Talk to your school's Substance Use Liaison. Every school has one!

Read "Thru Your Own your own time" A Teen Drug & Alcohol Self-Assessment Guide.

This guide helps to answer the questions" What's OK?", "What's not?", "How much is too much?", and "How will I know?"


Substance Use Awareness Week Fact Sheets 2013

Substance Use Awareness Week Fact Sheets 2014

Substance Use Awareness Week Fact Sheets 2015

Substance Use Awareness Week Fact Sheets 2016

Topics include:

Prescription Medication

Substance Use and Body Image

A Closer look at Process Addictions

Cool Refusal Skills

What Are Doda and Afeem

Substance Use and Older Adults


Watch "The Gateway: From Small Beginnings to Addiction".

Produced by the Surrey School District and filmed right here in Surrey, it tells the stories of several local people who made poor choices about drugs and where their lives took them. Find out what happens to them - ask your school's Substance Use Liaison where you can see this film.


Learn about five popular drug myths or view photos of faces of addiction.

Have more questions? Below are some other great sites to help.

Be Drug Smart

Drug- related overdoses and death are a serious concern. Tips on how to be drug smart.

The Alcohol and Drug Informaton and Referral Line

Above the Influence
Get the facts on drugs and read stories and experiences from other youth.

Here to Help
A group of BC organizations providing information to help individuals and families better manage mental health and substance use problems.

Drunk Driving, Drug Misuse/Abuse, Self Esteem and the Power of Choice
Learn about the dangers and risks of drugs and alcohol abuse from a fellow teen.

SOS Magazine
Check out SOS Safety Magazine for information about substance abuse

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